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Columbus United is one of the oldest and most successful soccer clubs in Ohio.
Established in 1988 as a Mens amateur team and 2015 for Youth Boys and Girls teams, 
Columbus United is now aligned with Everton Football Club's Academy as its first international affiliate partner in the United States.



Congratulations to Simon Davis, Columbus United's Executive Director and Director of Youth Soccer, for being named USYSA's 2023 Girls Competitive National Coach of the Year!!  This honor comes on the heels of Simon earning the State and Midwest Region Coach of the Year awards too!!  Well deserved Simon, well deserved indeed!!

Girls '10 Lions Win USYS National Championship!

Girls '10 Toffees Win USYS Presidents Cup National Championship!



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Our new uniforms featuring our sponsors
Gilly Hicks and Orthopedic One!!    
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Tryout registration 2024/25

Please complete this registration to attend a tryout/training session this Spring. We are currently selecting players for the 2024/25 Fall/Winter/Spring seasons.

Orthopedic ONE is Columbus United's Official Sports Medicine Partner

Orthopedic ONE is the Official Sports Medicine Provider to Columbus United Soccer Club!

Click here for more information about our partnership!
Find a physician or location near you at:

Spring into Action: Preventing Injury in Warm-Weather Sports

As the weather warms up, athletes of all ages will hit the fields and courts to partake in their favorite spring sports. However, amidst the excitement, it’s crucial to recognize and understand the potential risks of injuries that accompany these activities. Whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started, being aware of the most common spring sports injuries can help you stay in the game all season long.

Safeguarding Your Spring Season: The Top 5 Injuries to Watch Out For

  1. Sprained Ankles: An all-too-common scenario in sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis, sprained ankles occur when the ligaments supporting the ankle joint are stretched too far or torn. The rapid directional changes and explosive movements inherent in these sports make ankles particularly vulnerable.
  2. Rotator Cuff Injuries: Baseball pitchers winding up for a throw, volleyball players spiking the ball, or even swimmers executing powerful strokes—all of these actions heavily involve the shoulder joint and its stabilizing muscles and tendons. Rotator cuff injuries, characterized by pain and weakness in the shoulder, are particularly common in sports requiring repetitive overhead movements.
  3. ACL Tears: Perhaps one of the most feared injuries for athletes, an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear can mean months of rehabilitation and potential setbacks. Known for their quick pivots and sudden stops, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse players are especially susceptible to this knee injury. Recent research has also shown that adolescent female athletes are 1.5 times more likely to experience an ACL tear than their male counterparts (Orthopedic ONE). This is one of the many reasons why proper training and injury prevention strategies are so important.
  4. Tendinitis: Tendinitis manifests in various forms depending on the repetitive motions involved in specific sports. Baseball pitchers may grapple with “pitcher’s elbow,” while tennis players might battle with “tennis elbow.” Runners may contend with Achilles tendinitis, and basketball players may find themselves plagued by patellar tendinitis, commonly known as “jumper’s knee.”
  5. Concussions: Contact sports like football, soccer, and lacrosse come with an increased likelihood of sustaining a concussion. These brain injuries can result from direct blows to the head or violent collisions with other players, leading to symptoms ranging from dizziness and confusion to more severe cognitive impairments. Recognizing the signs of a concussion and prioritizing player safety is paramount in mitigating these risks.

Our Tips for Injury Prevention
No matter if you’re hitting the soccer field, running on the track, or enjoying a game of baseball, it’s essential to prioritize injury prevention to make the most of the season. Here are some key tips to keep you in the game and injury-free:

  1. Warm-Ups and Stretching: Dynamic stretches, light jogging, and mobility exercises help increase blood flow to your muscles, priming them for the demands of physical activity. Don’t forget to cool down afterward to aid in muscle recovery, and consider including foam rolling in your routine to release tension and increase flexibility.
  2. Conditioning and Strength Training: Building a strong foundation through conditioning and strength training is key to resilience on the field or court. Incorporate exercises such as weight training, core work, agility drills, and jump training into your regimen to improve overall athleticism, stability, and power.
  3. Listen to Your Body: Perhaps the most important tip of all is to listen to your body. Pay attention to signs of discomfort or fatigue, and don’t push through pain. Rest and recovery are crucial components of any training program, giving your body time to heal and rebuild stronger than before.

Athlete Journeys with Orthopedic ONE

In the realm of sports, setbacks are inevitable, but it’s how athletes respond to challenges that truly defines them. Here are two inspiring tales of resilience, guided by the expert care of Orthopedic ONE.

  • Sterling’s Story: Sterling Manley, a basketball prodigy with dreams to play in the NBA, faced a double blow when he broke his leg—twice. Turning to Orthopedic ONE for top-tier care, Sterling and his family found reassurance in the expertise of our doctors. With resolve and support, Sterling underwent rigorous rehab, fueled by his passion for the game. He went on to fulfill his dream to play as a North Carolina Tar Heel and is now playing professionally overseas, a testament to his determination and the personalized care he received from Orthopedic ONE.
  • Abby’s Story: Abby Steiner’s track and soccer aspirations were momentarily derailed when she suffered an ACL injury. Abby immediately sought help from Orthopedic ONE, a partner of her club soccer team, Ohio Premier, and found individualized treatment and a fun approach to recovery. In just five months, Abby returned to the track, where she set two new state records and cemented her title as the fastest girl in Ohio. Today, she is competing at the highest levels of the sport as a professional. With Orthopedic ONE, Abby defied the odds and triumphed over adversity.

Stay in the Game with Orthopedic ONE’s Sports Medicine Program

At Orthopedic ONE, we understand the passion and dedication that athletes pour into their sport. That’s why we’re proud to be the leading provider of sports medicine orthopedic care in Columbus. Our commitment extends beyond just treating injuries; we’re dedicated to keeping athletes of every age and skill level performing at their best.

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
Sports medicine focuses on injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Our team of certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, and fellowship-trained physicians and surgeons work tirelessly to ensure that athletes stay on the field and out of our offices. Through sport-specific training and conditioning, we tailor programs to each individual athlete to ensure a swift recovery and a confident return to pre-injury condition.

Supporting Local Athletes
We know that athletes don’t belong on the sidelines. That’s why Orthopedic ONE is proud to support athletes at all levels of play here in Columbus—and it’s why elite associations such as the Columbus Crew SC and the Columbus Blue Jackets trust our specialists to supply exceptional sports medicine care.

Our Affiliations
Our commitment to the local sports community reaches beyond our office walls. We partner with many major local clubs and organizations to provide orthopedic care, injury prevention, and rehabilitation services. Click here for a list of the organizations we proudly support!

These partnerships are a testament to the quality of care and expertise that Orthopedic ONE provides.


Orthopedic ONE offers a Sports Medicine Hotline as a FREE resource to Coaches, Families and Athletes with any of its affiliated clubs or organizations.

Have a sports medicine related question or need? Connect with an Orthopedic ONE certified athletic trainer through our Hotline to assist with the following:

  • Address injuries that do not require emergency medical attention
  • Connect directly with an Orthopedic ONE certified athletic trainer
  • Get answers regarding general sports medicine care

Please note: If an appointment with a physician is needed, the athletic trainer can schedule you directly. Traditional physician appointment costs will apply.

Orthopedic ONE athletic trainers receive and respond to phone messages 7 days a week between the hours of 8 a.m. – and 7 p.m. Through the service, the athletic trainers on-call can also help families determine the next appropriate steps following an injury, including everything from facilitating an appointment with one of our orthopedic physicians to simply addressing your questions regarding sports medicine care and recovery. 

Please note: If an appointment with a physician is warranted, traditional patient visit costs apply.

Call our Sports Medicine Hotline at 614.827.8210 or email:

WATCH or DOWNLOAD our Quick Guide to the Sports Medicine Hotline.

For more information about Orthopedic ONE and its sports medicine program, visit

Where Legends Are Made

Girls Academy Trainings ahead of 24/25 season

With the exciting news we will be in the Girls Academy (GA) National League for the 24/25 season, we will be offering training sessions throughout the Spring for interested new players to attend. We will have girls teams from 2012-2007. Simon will be running practices for the 2012/2008 age group on Monday's. 2007's, 2010's & 2009's on Wednesday's and Nikki will be running the 2011's on Monday all at North Road Park.

Please email for more information.


Columbus United Tryouts

We still have openings for players to join our teams for the 2023/24 season. 

We have open training sessions in the Spring and 24/25 season interested players are encouraged to attend sessions, so you can see how you fit into our current groups.

Our U8's only pay $500 for the whole year!

To participate please email to schedule a tryout.

Please click here to sign up now


Click Here To Go To Our Team Pages


Latest News for Columbus United


Learn All About Columbus United

Read more about the Everton FC Partnership

We are delighted to announce that we have joined Everton's International Academy Affiliate Programme that will see the Club benefit from year-round assistance and guidance from coaches at Everton’s world-renowned Youth Academy.


Columbus United has established the following club policies:
 - Anti-Discrimination Policy
 - Equal Opportunities Policy
 - Complaints Procedure

To view  these new club policies, click here:

Questions about our program

We have tried to answer all questions and explain what each team does for the fees in the Club fees under the sub menu of home Please look through this if you have any questions before calling Simon -614-638-2942 or sending any emails 

We are very committed to our players and our families please understand that accepting a spot with our teams is a year long commitment. Breaking this commitment after accepting a spot you will still be required to pay the full season fees and you will not be accepted back into the club at a later date.


Columbus United's U14 Boys and Girls teams and families took England by storm over Spring Break!!  This trip is an annual event for our U14 teams.  See more about this memorable trip here: 


Check out Columbus United videos here:
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Columbus United's Active Legacy Players!!

- Simon Davis (Mens Open) and daughters Evie (Girls '08) and Zoey (Girls '10)
- David Burgin (Mens Open) and son Stephen (Mens Open)

We look forward to having many more legacy players join the Columbus United family!!




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enter, Ohio  43035